Seminary “Sciences and humanities in the service of politics in Enlightenment Europe” – 8th October, 2021


Sciences and humanities in the service of politics in Enlightenment Europe an on-line seminar of the Institute for the History of Science and Institute of Literary Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw marking the bicentenary of the death of Stanisław Kostka Potocki 8th October, 2021 Stanisław Kostka Potocki (1755–1821) belonged to the luminaries of the […]

International conference: „Innovations in Agriculture – Traditions and Modernity. In memory of Anna Jabłonowska née Sapieha” – 18-19 September, 2020


A two-day international conference, which is dedicated to the memory of Anna Paulina Jabłonowska, an agricultural innovator, patron of science and art, and influential politician of the end of 18th century. The conference will mainly address modern topics, including issues related to innovation in agriculture, acclimatization and cultivation of crops, especially medicinal plants. Date and […]

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