Opening times: 9am-3pm (Mon-Fri)

Location: Room A28

Phone: +48 22 657 28 58



Library Manager: Jan Kozakowski, MA



The Library of the Institute for the History of Science, PAS, was established in 1955. Our collections cover a wide range of topics in the fields of history, history of social and human sciences, history of exact and technical sciences, history of medicine, history of education and upbringing, and history of earth sciences. Currently, the library comprises approx. 16 000 book volumes and 80 journal titles (e.g., Annals of Science, Archive for History of Exact Sciences, Historia Mathematica, History and Philosophy of Life Sciences, History of Education, Isis, Journal for the History of Astronomy, Science in Context). The Library also holds special collections: early printed books, microfilms, photocopies, and manuscripts.


In 2020, we have launched the electronic catalogue of our collections. All newly acquired materials have records there. Gradually, the database is supplemented with descriptions of documents that were entered in the inventory in previous years.

Information about our collections is also systematically published in the Union Catalog of Polish Scientific Libraries Collections NUKAT.

Access to Collections

Only the employees of the Institute for the History of Science, PAS, are entitled to borrow library materials. Other interested persons can use the collections on site – in the Reading Room. There are 4 workstations available to readers. You can also use wireless Internet.

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