History of Exact Sciences Research Unit


Main research activities

The research mainly focuses on the selected aspects of exact sciences, concerning both the problems of the general history of science and the history of science on Polish lands, covering the entire period of development of science, from antiquity to the 20th century. Copernican studies are a vital part of the research, pursuing the path set out by such distinguished scholars as Profs. Aleksander Birkenmajer, Paweł Czartoryski, and Jerzy Dobrzycki.

The researchers affiliated to the unit have built (and continue to build) their expertise as science historians, having obtained their degrees both from Science departments (Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics) and the Humanities (Philologies, History).

The unit supervises the publication of new volumes in the renowned Studia Copernicana series, as well as those of the new series, Bibliotheca Heveliana, which is part of the international project under the auspices of the Union Académique Internationale.

Additional information on the researchers’ interests, ongoing projects, and publications is available on their personal websites.


The unit holds a monthly Seminar in the History of the Natural and Exact Sciences, where both the researchers affiliated to the unit and invited scholars from Poland and abroad may present the results of their research.

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