List of potential supervisors and research areas

History of Education:

  1. Joanna Schiller-Walicka, PhD, DSc – history of education, history of the humanities and culture in the 19th century in the Kingdom of Poland and in the Russian Empire
  2. Prof. Kalina Bartnicka – history of educational and scientific institutions, history of upbringing (18th–20th c.)
  3. Jan Szumski, PhD, DSc – history of Polish-Russian and Polish-Soviet relations (especially scientific and cultural relations in the 20th c.)
  4. Prof. Leszek Zasztowt – history of East-Central Europe and Russia in the 19th and 20th c.: history of science, history of education and culture, religious conflicts, social divisions (especially the history of the nobility), popularisation of science, scientific societies and organisations, history of universities, Russian policy towards minorities in the Russian Empire and towards the peoples of the USSR

History of Exact Sciences:

  1. Prof. Michał Kokowski – history and philosophy of exact sciences, bibliometrics
  2. Prof. Jarosław Włodarczyk – history of astronomy, astronomy in culture
  3. Zbigniew Tucholski, PhD, DSc – history of technology, history of communication, protection of technical monuments and industrial architecture, military history
  4. Prof. Bolesław Orłowski – history of technology (in Poland and worldwide) in the 19th and 20th c.
  5. Sławomir Łotysz, PhD, DSc – history of technology, history of transport, history of industry, history of environmental protection
  6. Krzysztof Maślanka, PhD, DSc – history of mathematics, history of mathematical physics and cosmology
  7. Prof. Robert Zaborowski – history of psychology, history of philosophy, philosophy, philosophy of emotions
  8. Ewa Wyka, PhD, DSc – museology of science and technology, history of science and technology, scientific instruments (production and heritage)

History of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Chemistry:

  1. Prof. Bożena Urbanek – history of medicine in Poland and in Europe (19th–20th c.); research based on archival sources, material culture, and periodicals; aspects of the organisation, methodology and technique of work; medical specialties and professions; health policy
  2. Anna Trojanowska, PhD, DSc – history of pharmacy in the 19th and 20th c., folk medicine
  3. Iwona Arabas, PhD, DSc – history of natural sciences
  4. Magdalena Paciorek, PhD, DSc – history of post-war medicine in the 20th c.
  5. Prof. Halina Lichocka – chemistry in the service of man over the centuries; the function of chemistry in the historical development of knowledge about nature; history of natural medicines in the light of scientific development; the importance of chemistry for the development of spa treatment; chemical origin of discoveries in pharmaceutical sciences; between alchemy and chemistry – an Enlightenment breakthrough in the perception of nature’s material; biographical writings and history of the scientific press in the 19th c.

Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages:

  1. Jerzy Kaliszuk, PhD, DSc – history of the medieval culture, history of the book and book collections in the Middle Ages, palaeography, codicology
  2. Jacek Soszyński, PhD, DSc – history of medieval writings, history of the old book

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